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To all people from the city of Sampã in its 460º anniversary

To the lovers of the living world culture

To all who create and fight in the brazylian and international theater

To people who are have been and will be at the Oficina Uzyna Uzona Thea(c)tre either as public or as member of the cast from all generations,

The ones that came

The ones that have been coming for more than 50 years of radiant life of 520 Jaceguay st – Bixiga neighborhood – city of Sampã

To the ones that will come

To the ones who have never heard about this luminous spot called Oficina Thea(c)tre and about its surrounding land, which received the status of protected artistic and historic patrimony, status which has been disregarded by mayor Kassab’s administration through the COMPRESP (Council of Protection of the Historical, Cultural and Enviromental Patrimony of the city of São Paulo) at the municipal scope and also by the current government of Geraldo Alckmin at the state’s scope

To all who granted Oficina Thea(c)tre and its surrounding land the status of protected artistic and historic patrimony through IPHAN as the National Institute of Historic and Artistic Patrimony

To Silvio Santos, who right after the granting said to us that because of the national patrimony status he could no longer do anything in his land and he wished not to get in the way of the company or the company to get in his way, therefore proposing the exchange of the land by another one of the same value owned by the federal government anywhere within the city of São Paulo.This proposal was made official by the Silvio Santos Group in a letter of intentions, which us, from Oficina Uzyna Uzona theater association, have addressed to the ministry of culture, which has undertaken the process

To Guilherme Stoliar, president of Silvio Santos Group, who in a brotherly lunch at SBT’s studios [owned by Silvio Santos Group] conceded us a bailment for the occupation of the Oficina’s protected surrounding land, renenewable until the conclusion of the proposal of land exchange which was accepted by the ministry of culture, that during the administration of Marta Suplicy not only was able to find a suitable land of the union, but also is currently working for the acceleration of the exchange

To all public powers

President Dilma Roussef

Mayor Fernando Haddad

Governor Geraldo Alckimin


Federal deputies

State Deputies who at the culture comitee have given their wholly support, above their parties, in the conquer of this colective dream,

To the private powers,


The ceo of “RBV- Residencial Bela Vista Realty Enterprises ltd”, which is part of the Silvio Santos Group, Eduardo Velucci, enters the scene expressing the impacience of us all and changes the game: by not renewing the bailment contract that for over 3 years allowed our occupation of artistic cultivation in the land of our protected surrounding area.

I thank with all my heart the beloved Eduardo for his corageous action. I feel he did it in order to speed up the solution of a fact that is leaving a urban scar in the center of the city of São Paulo, that won’t get resolved for over 33 years.

He told Carila Matzembacher, one of our scenic architects, that we loved art, while he loved money.

We don’t agree with him, because we love art that is extremely valuable and productive and by generating money frees itself of these obstacles that we have lived with for 33 years.

Eduardo, for his love of money, refuses corageously to give continuity to the bailment conceded for 3 years by the president of the group.

Nevertheless, this is the limit situation to which we got after 33 years

We, for our love of art, and also for the necessity of money, will nowin this 2014re-open on january 25th two plays of the “cacildas” series

Cacilda!!! – Glory at the TBC and in 68 here and now, on saturdays and

Cacilda!!!! – Movie and Theater Factory, on sundays

We offer the public the opportunity to see in sequence the episodes 3 and 4 of the maxi series in five weekends from january 25th to february 23 th .

These two plays, like others that we’ve staged, happen in the Oficina Theater and in its protected surroundings.

We declare to everyone that we will be staging at Oficina Theater’s space, which forms a whole with its protected surroundings.

These plays come to life through the protagonization of Cacilda Becker fullfilled by 3 great actresses and one actor Camila Mota, Sylvia Prado, Nash Laila and Marcelo Drummond / a chorus of protagonists / band / video / sound / stage managers / maids / cleaning staff – work of 60 people on the stage.

It is the theatricalized history of brazylian theater from the south hemisphere devouring the theater from all times and hemispheres of the planet

Silvio Santos, Dear friend Velucci,

Let’s come to an agreement for this season, for we got caught by this good surprise

3 decades of disagreement and 3 years of agreement until this rupture now, when we enter the 4th year of concession and the process of exchange is on its way

33 years ago when the Silvio Santos group wanted to buy the space of Oficina Thea(c)tre, this campaign was launched, with huge support from the public, from the artists and all their media and from the media itself for the Oficina to build its space, designed by the architects Lina Bardi and Edson Elito. This project has not yet been completed and for this to happen it is crucial that in this year of 2014, Lina Bardi’s centenary, that the matter of the surrounding land gets resolved.

In a play i’ve written in 1958 and staged by Oficina, “The Incubator”, the protagonist who wanted freedom from the family’s incubator that imprisioned him in the mini-state called family proclaims:

“One day will be the day and this day is today”

Which means


It is the moment of the free cultivation of these lands of Bixiga for them to give a jump to fullfill what they are  able to as sacrate land of the Thea(c)trical art raising up with themselves the Bixiga neighborhood and the world theater.

We’ve been pregnant for 33 years without being able to set free the productive and creative forces which have been acumulated for more than 55 years in a never seen cultural expansion.

Nobody stands anymore what is already being called “squable” when the matter in question is the most obvious problem of the world:

Does the land belong to the ones who explore it or to the ones who cultivate it?

On the 25th, we begin to count each D day of this season of acts of theater, making theater return to its destiny: to be a political power in itself.

For this reason, exceptionally, on this weekend of São Paulo city’s anniversary, we, from the Oficina Uzyna Uzona Thea(c)ter Association offer the two shows to the city, doing the both shows for free on the days 25th and 26th of january.

The protagonists of the solution of this impasse are the people from the crowd called public.

We convocate first those protagonists and also the ones who are members of the parts involved in this feud:

The Silvio Santos Group
The Ministry of Culture
The municipality
The state

For a never seen before theatrical catarsis

May a storm fall above us all living mortals, for us to find the most giving. The most creative to our metropolis of Sampã right now! In the present future!

José Celso Martinez Corrêa
President of the Oficina Uzyna Uzona Thea(c)ter Association