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ON SEPT 16th

The sacred tree of the Electronic Terreiro of the Oficina Theater has its roots in the garden of the Theater and expands its trunk and its green antennas until the surrounding area of the building, seen through the great window of the Lina Bardi Street, giving the blessing of its shadow to Bixiga neighborhood.
It is the core point for the Condephaat to take back its authorization, which was gave in May, for the real estate and financial speculation to build towers on the land that surrounds the Theater causing:

1st – The destruction of the Cezalpina tree;

2nd- The entrapment of the glass façade that faces the Abolição and Jaceguai Streets, sight of the 20 years of the shows performed herein;

3rd- A throwback of the walk towards the conquer of the public space that, along with the TBC and the House of Dona Yayá, the Oficina Theater wills to create: a Culture Passion Square, that will go up to the Anhangabaú of Feliz Cidade Valley; 

It is the moment of a public meeting with all the artists (we all are) with the power to inject great influence over the fate – not only of the Oficina Theater and its surrounding land- but also of all the menace that surrounds the expropriation of the Bixiga neighborhood with the construction of towers also intended by the Alckmin Government.

We urge for all of those who will come to Oficina to bring lights and energies so that the death of the Oficina Uzyna Uzona will be prevented, death which was announced precisely by the organ of defense of the cultural patrimony of the Culture Secretariat of the Government of São Paulo’s State.

Ió beloved ones that love the Culture of The-act-er!

All who are and all who are not part of the cast of Oficina Uzyna Uzona, feel convoked from this moment to help to prepare this meeting on Monday, which anticipates the Brazylian Spring of 2013’s Mutations of Apotheosis. 

The participation of Condephaat’s president is also convoked from this moment. She states that anyone will be able to ask for a review of the project but in the end of the Public Hearing on September 5th, summoned by the Culture Committee of the House of Representatives of the State of São Paulo, which ended in a very enthusiastic mood, I realized that nothing had changed on her point of view when I asked her, in her last Scene:

ZÉ CELSO – Why were we not consulted for a reunion when the pemission for the construction of Sisan’s towers was given?

ANA LANNA – Because you are not the owners of the land.

I realized that the mind of the president was still sculpted in a rock of a Museum of Abstractions. Nothing had changed, even with all the fertile discussions of the Audience. This is why I invite her through this document to come discuss with people from the artistic and cultural field from this point of view: cultural and artistic, from the aesthetics’ beauty in ethics. 
Maybe Ana Lanna will start to change, not through threatening- this attitude will not be welcomed in this meeting – but through the light of the artists that I sense may touch this human being even without the prejudice that she might or might not have against us, mere technoartists. 

Is it not visible to the naked eye, skin, the importance of the Historical Listing (that provides the patrimony’s protection by the State) made by the Condephaat itself, a real, vital, concrete one, that after 10 years generated an Architectonic Urbanistic Masterpiece by Lina Bardi and Edson Elito at the same time of the public birth of a permanent Company of artists, the Oficina Uzyna Uzona Theater Association?

The Historical Listing teaches, produces, creates, and cannot have its roots and antennas ever destroyed.
On the cement of the edges of the water font of the Oficina Theater is written in low relief, according to the art direction of the great plastic artist Laura Vinci:


Zé Celso

Calls officially as the
President of the Oficina Uzyna Uzona Theater Association 
Along with all the ones connected to the Cultura Atravessa (Culture Moves Across)
For the day September 13, 2013 at 7 pm
Having as its subject the Listed Oficina Theater and its surrounding land
With its alive sacred tree threatened – its Great Window and its Listed by the IPHAN (National Institute of the Historical and Artistic Patrimony) Surrounding Land 
Betting on the resurrection of Bixiga
Heart of the Central Outskirts of Sampã